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Hard times in the thumb

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I need Help with upcoming court date for eviction

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I live in michigan. Have been having a very rough time hanging in there but through the grace of God I still stand. Have a question and I hope someone can respond ASAP. my landlord takes me to court on March 5th.(tommorrow) Have tried my local legal services and none could give me an appointment before my court date.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I have a rental agreement which i have been in for the past six months with the rental agreement beng for twelve months. My house was foreclosed on last year and i needed a place to stay. at first the management company seemed to be really nice. and said they would work me any way they could beause my job had cut my salary in half and i was just getting by on my salary to pay the rent, or the car note, plus utilities(gets very cold here in the thumb during winter and the gas bill was very high). I dont know if you know about our states economy, but everyboby seems to be getting laid off and there is soooooo much competition for even the part time jobs. I've been looking and looking but to no avail. Anyway, in order for me to keep transportation to my job, i was paying my car note, and on some occasions, i had no money left to pay rent, so it was like one month the car note, utilities and groceries, the other month my rent, utilities, and groceries, as you can imagine, it all caught up to me. first the car.

Three weeks ago, it was repossessed. last week i was handed a summons to court from the prperty management company that i rent from. my question is this, can i try to convince the judge to let me have at least three weeks to find a pace to stay without any derogatory remarks being entered into my credit file preventing me from finding a cheaper place, or can i ask the judge to withstain from the property manangement company entering anything until i find someplace to live?

Can I ask for nothing to be entered into public records that would show as landlord tenant issues? have talked to a couple of places and they say that the only thing that would prevent me from renting is landlord tenant issues. Also, just a thought, i was thinking of putting my daughter first on any inquiries into renting a new place and we(me, my son, my daughter, and the grandkids ) would share expenses. please let me know a goood defense for my court date thanks.


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Take a good look at your lease/rental agreement. See if you can find ANYTHING that the property management company may have reneged on or violated.

On or before your court date, find a good reason to not be able to attend (sick kids or something) and request a Continuance so the court can set a new court date.

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had court date on the 5th of march, 2007. when i got there hd to wait for about 20 minutes for the clerk to open door. guess that the judge had an extra cup of coffee to make it through the day with seven cases of evitions to hear. anyway, the property management's lawyer sat at the palintiff;s table and when i went over to register with the clerk, he called me over. wanteing to talk. yea, we talked alright. he asked me what my intentions were and what did i want to do. What could i do? anyway the agreement is that i have to come up with the back rent @3,000. of vacate the premises by the 20th of march. of course i don't have that much, thanks to our state's economy and incidentally, what's up with comerica bank wanting to leave michigan and move their headquarters to texas:? alll the rats leave before the ship sinks? what's a hard working wanting to keep his job man to do? do i try to salvage? or look for greener pastures? any advice is more than welcome!

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