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Newbie questions for the Guru's.


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Hi everyone, I stumbled on the site a few days ago and I’m addicted. The success stories have really inspired me to reach my goal of 700+. I have not been extended any credit for the last 8 years or so (except for my federally insured student loan). I’ll give you a little rundown on my credit situation:


One student loan, 8,400 bal. reported for a year and a half with no late payments.

6-05 One unpaid collection from Bonneville Billing, LLC for $222 (utility bill).

Score as of 3-2-07 is a 641


Same student loan and unpaid collection as EX

Macy’s Charge-off

Credit Associates LLC. Collection account $352 bal. (originally from a repo that was removed 3-07 because of 7 year age.)

Score is a 619 as of 3-2-07


Same info as EX and EQ- I don’t have a score for this one yet because of trouble with the website.

I have a few questions for the Guru’s

I have a CA account that originally came from a repossession. The Repo is no longer reported by the CRA’s because of its age but the CA is still reporting! CA claims date of first delinquency was 7/2000. Could this be considered as re-aging? I disputed online today with EQ and plan to dispute with TU tomorrow. Should I send a DV letter to the CA? Is there anything else I can do? I don’t plan on paying this off because I have newer collection accounts to take care of first.

My Macy’s charge off is my next concern.

Date of last payment 4/01

Date closed 3/01

Dola- 01/02

According to the above info, the account was closed, then I made another payment? It’s been so long ago I can’t remember when I made my last payment… but I’m sure it was before the account was closed!? And why is the DOLA several months after the last payment was received. What qualifies as “activity”? I disputed this with EQ about a year ago and it came back as “updated as closed”. I have tried calling OC directly but they refuse to negotiate. All they did is gave me the number to a CA. The CA for this isn’t reported by any of the CRA’s so negotiating with them seems pointless. I’m planning to write a letter to OC asking for more account info. Is the OC required to provide any account info to me? Any other ideas? I really need this one gone!

My last negative is Bonneville Billing, LLC-

Assigned 6/05, it was originally from Portland General Electric.

Has anyone had any success with negotiating removal for full payoff?

Any help is greatly appreciated;


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Here's what I see, at first glance...

Don't know if you have any revolving credit but you're going to need at least a secured credit card to help your score. There are many out there but if you PM me I can give you mine, I've had it about 2 years.

For the CA with a DOFD of 7/2000, that's close to falling off and unless something else happens I leave that one alone.

As for Macy's, you might not be able to DV them but you can certainly ask them to report the account correctly. I would cc the BBB in this case, letting them know Macy's is reporting the account incorrectly. If it was closed in 3/01 it probably went delinquent much before that, so it's possible this account should also be close to falling off.


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Thanks for your input kevin. I called EQ today to talk about Credit Assosiates, the CA account I suspected had been re-aged. I did an online dispute yesterday, when I called today they said IT'S ALREADY BEEN REMOVED! woohoo credit repair rules. Also, I ran TU today and its gone from them too! only 2 more bad accounts to deal with then I'm free! But what will I obsess about then?

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