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FCRA, Section 623(a)(8)(D) (15 USC 1681s-2)

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A collection agency claimed that I did not provide sufficient information for them to validate my debt per this statute.

The statute reads:

Submitting a notice of dispute - A consumer who seeks to dispute the accuracy of information shall provide a dispute notice directly to such person at the address specified by the person for such notices that --

  1. identifies the specific information that is being disputed;
  2. explains the basis for the dispute; and
  3. includes all supporting documentation required by the furnisher to substantiate the basis of the dispute.

They claim by me merely providing them silly details like my name, address, the account number (they reported) that I am disputing, that it is not enough.

I am being asked to prove a negative with documentation.

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It was a formal dispute that the account was mine and a debt validation letter, and I did refer to FDCPA 809b.

If the account is not yours, why go through all this BS? Just fill out a police report for IDTheft and send a copy to the CRA and CA and by law you're done. They must remove it permanently. The CA further is barred by statute from selling or transferring it to anyone else.

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CA's try this garbage all the time. Disputing a debt is simple..all you have to give them is something saying "I dispute." No documentation or reasons required. Heck, writing 'I dispute' in purple crayon on their dunning letter and folding it into a paper airplane for them satisfies the requirements of the fdcpa.

My favorite is when certain bottom-feeders send a 'fraud packet' when you dispute..asking you to give them documentation regarding your dispute..and then continue collection activity when you ignore their BS packet. Makes for an easy $1000 fdcpa settlement ;)

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