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Cross Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award

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I've been looking online for examples of motions to vacate an arb. award...and I've seen that the CA can file a cross-motion to confirm the award.

My plan is to beat the CA to court by filing the petition to vacate..and if that didn't work, settle with them. I'm getting worried that they'd just file the cross-motion and get the motion confirmed right away before I could even settle with them if my petition to vacate was unsuccessful..

I will be SO frustrated if I have to pay these Wolpoff bottom-feeding vultures anything...let alone the full balance plus their BS attorneys fees.

Any advice?

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Look at your state procedure law and the Federal Arbitration Act. If you partiicpated in the arbitration ( I assume ot was one of those document hearing ramrods) you will be hard pressed, unless this is a JDB situation where they try to foist a half baked arb agreement on you. They still have to show grounds for the arbitration, but the judicial scrutiny will be greatly reduced if you danced with them.

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