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Calling all AMEX experts! Question for you.

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Ok, so I was able to score my fiancee 4 AMEX cards.. Delta, Starwood, Hilton, and Blue Sky. 2 of them are only 3 months old... Thru all the posts I have read from everybody, I was able to hit the luv button and score her CLI up to 10k on each...

Ok here's the deal. Delta is offering a 3.9% BT with a 3% BT fee... The catch is that the 3.9% rate is good until the balance is paid in full. So would be in our best interest to transfer about 6k of cc debt(including debt from the other amex cards) to the delta card!!

I think its a good deal... The 3.9% will basically never expire.... your input would be greatly appreciated...



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