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A resurfaced debt from 1998.


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Oh, I couldn't believe my ears lastnight. I received a phone call at 7:30pm.

Here's the conversation...

CA: Hello, is this _______?

ME: Yes it is, may I ask who I'm speaking with?

CA: This is so and so, you have a discover card you never paid on in 98 for


ME: WHAT? No, I never had a discover card.

CA: Is this ______, with SSN ending in ####?

ME: Yes, but I never had a discover card and I don't think you should be

telling someone's SSN over the phone if you're not sure who this is.

CA: Do you intend to pay this debt?

ME: NO, you've got the right person but i never had a discover card.

CA: Hangs Up....

WOW...I can't believe this....:shock:

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Wow.. you're right..

I checked my report just now and there is an inquiry on there from Asset Acceptance LLC. I don't have caller ID on my phone so I'm unsure if this is indeed them, but there it is. Bright as day. An inquiry on February 2007.

Wonder if they will call back.:confused:

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Guest Gary Craig

My $00.02

This seems like a scam or a mistake on their part, if they call back get more information . Ask them to mail you the disagreement. Don't give them any information.

On your credit report, towards the back you will find a listing of all the people who have pulled your credit in the last year.

You can report this, but honestly I don't think this will do anything.

Good Luck

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A lot of times they do this as a preliminary check to see if you know your rights. They want to see if they can get away with it.

Keep a watchful eye on your credit reports. This truly sounds fishy. When collection companies call me, I do not tell them ANYTHING nor do I answer their questions...I simply respond; "All claims must be submitted in writing...goodbye." Than when/if I receive their letter, I DV them immediately and include a partial C&D request telling them not to call my home.

One creditor actually tried adding my name to my dh's debt that occurred 4-5 yrs PRIOR to our marriage...and the debt was beyond SOL. I told the guy, "Now, you and I BOTH know this is beyond the statute of limitations for Washington, don't we?" He replied meakly, "Yes Maam." I then said, "and you and I both know that you folks illegally added my name, don't we?" He replied even more meakly, "Yes maam..." than I said, "Sorry..." Never heard from him again and this debt is no longer on my dh's credit reports. There is NOTHING more strong than an informed consumer.


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same thing happened to me the other day. it came after applying for a credit card, (which i got approved for by the way 15,000 us bank visa) but she said may i speak to .... i said well who is this. you called me? is this....? i said now why on gods green earth would i answer ANY questions to anyone that does not identify themselves that calls from un identifiable phone #? she then went on to say things like "i know this is you, so ill just put on the file that you refuse to pay the debt".. i said WAIT ONE MINUTE! i never even said my name, you have the wrong number lady, i dont know who you are. i said what if i just called you out of theblue one day from unlisted phone # on caller id adn started asking personal questions about who you are, your address, etc? you would feel the same way correct? if you identify yourself, SINCE YOU CALLED ME!!! then i will hear what you have to say, if not, get off my phone, do not ever call again please im very busy, you have the wrong person/number. and furhtermore, if you THINK you may have the right person, i suggest you send that person in your file a letter in the mail registered mail to ensure htey receive it and go from there. until then, note in your little records there that i refuse to validate my name, idtentity or anything whatsoever in this call. period. have a great day maam! and i hang up..i love doing it. its great.

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If they call back, play dumb and make nice to get as much info as you can. They are used to getting yelled at, so if you make nice it might set them at ease and put them off their guard.

"I'm sorry this phone isn't the best, and it's a little hard to hear you. Can you repeat that? What did you say your name was? Fred? Hi Fred. And, I'm sorry, who did you say you were with? Asset Acceptance LLC? OK, thanks. Look, I'm sure you can understand a person needs to be careful giving personal info out over the phone. Can you give me your phone number and address? I just wanna check out that you're legit. If you could give me that info, and call me back tomorrow, or better yet I can call you back. Is there an extension or a direct number to you?"

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Similar thing happened to me. After the initial phone call I never received a letter. I waited 2 weeks, got their name and address from the inquiry information from my credit report and fired off a letter to the AG with two (2) violations:

(1) didn't receive written communication within 5 days of initial contact;

(2) hard pull without permissible purpose

The AG sent them a letter and cc'd me telling them they had 10 days to respond to the accusations. I'm still waiting for the results.

Btw, I asked for and received validation when they first called...however, I never got the mini-maranda letter. So I'm not sure if they're covered on the first violation. The debt had copies dated 7/98...way over SOL. Like Elyse said, most of the time they are hoping you don't know your rights. Unfortunately for them we do.


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interesting.....i just rcvd same phone call 2 days ago. i pulled my crs and have inquiry 2/07 from Elite Recovery, but the claim is the same. the phone conversation is almost exact. the gentleman did not give me his name or who he was with so i told him i do not do anything over the phone so send it in the mail. will see if i get a letter, but makes you wonder.

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