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Identity theft dilemna


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I just discovered a CA for A& & T wireless on my recent Jan 07 review of CR that I never had. I have disputed with all 3 CRA and with CA explaining that I never had the account. EX has just sent new CR verifying debt. I also contacted CA with details and they supposedly were requesting documentation. The original account was set up in late 2002 and was open only 2 months before defaulting. The account never showed up on CR until Nov 2006. I also filed BK in Oct 2005. I never received any bills for the account nor did it ever appear on any CR before 11/06. How do I handle something this old? Do I still file police report?

Any advice will be very appreciated. I am newbie to this site and am on a mission to clean things up. EX also had my CR merged with another individual by the same name in same city but different ssn. That problem has been fixed.


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