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Hillis v. Equifax Consumer Services, Inc, et al.

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Yeah, well. I'm filing an objection to the settlement.

Lawyers get $4million

The two class reps get $7500 each.

Members of the class get 6 months free score access, but only if you sign up for their score watch service and agree to automatic billing at $8/mo after the six months free is over.

Screw that! It's not a settlement. It's a freaking marketing bonanza for Equifax. They get hundreds of thousands of new signups for their scorewatch service under a judical blessing? No freaking way! "Settlements" like this should be barred. A company's misbehavior should not be rewarded with a marketing coup that can bring in even more sales for the offending company.

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What is the lawsuit to do with anyway?

Did they give fraudulant scores or something? Have they provide my information to an unauthorized third party??

I am with Meth on this though. It sounds like a marketing scandal for EQ and because of this "suit" they stand to make millions with a judicial blessing....something is not right here...:evil:

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I am really starting to believe that the big 3 cra's is the anti-christ:lol:

I have to agree w/methuss, eq will make us all look like fools, let me know how i can help with the objection. 4 mil in lawyer fees and 15k payout , and on the back end the profits are unlimited.

This is as bad as the whole credit report system as a whole.

Dont you find it concerning that mathmatical equations determine how much we pay for our cars homes, etc....

Pretty soon we will all have barcodes on the back of our necks.

unbelievable the day and age we live in.


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