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Wow...BoA CORPORATE replied to my e-mail...and response to another GW letter!


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Found the CEO's name online...tried a bunch of different ones, only one went through. SO...week goes by, I've heard nothing. I figure they probably threw it in their spam mail...

The letter read:

Mr. Lewis,

I am writing you because I did not know who else to contact.

I was unaware of a credit card that was charged off that was in my name. I

was unaware that it had been charged off, because I had given it to a close family member to use in their rough times. I expected them to pay, and know I shouldn't have done that; but I'm pretty sure I am not the only one that has done this before.

Because I do not want to sue my close family, I am not willing to pursue

the matter civilly, but would rather settle the debt with Bank of America.

I have been a checking account and savings account customer of Bank of

America since I began banking at a young age. I am a college student now, and was attempting to take out a student loan which I was denied for (true story...Sallie Mae said no :( ) I then received a copy of my credit report and was dumbfounded as to the negative entries I found on there, including this card.

I do not even have the collection agency's name because I was not getting

the mail for this card. I want to pay Bank of America, not a random

collection agency. Please tell me who I may contact to find out the

balance, and settle the debt within Bank of America.

I would also hope that your company would take the awkwardness of this

situation into consideration, and upon paying the debt, delete any

negative entries on my credit reports that were entered. I am going to

have to take out student loans for continuing my education, and really need to have a better credit score to be able to do so.


Inside Texas

The reply I received:

Dear InsideTexas:

Your e-mail addressed to Mr. Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman and CEO of Bank of America has been forwarded to me and I appreciate the opportunity to respond on his behalf. I have attempted to contact you by phone, but was unsuccessful in reaching you (because I changed my phone number since the bill.) I would like the opportunity to speak with you to better assist you with your concerns. Unfortunately, if I do not hear from you by March 27, 2007, I will regrettably be unable to give further consideration to this matter. I can be reached Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time at the number provided below.


***UPDATE: called and left message For Mr. Price

On another GW sent to an installment loan taken out through my school (again for said relative...I found out about this one when they blocked me from registering for classes until it was paid...paid, but listed negatively.) Essnetially copied/pasted a GW sample letter into a letter addressed to student debt management, and got a reply essentially saying:

Please call. Would like to discuss the matter with you.

***UPDATE: Two negative 180+ days deletions off CR

Said they normally would not, but because of my explanation and sincere apology and taking the responsibility to pay them etc. etc. (apparently, and unforuntately, many people do not.

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I'll try to shoot you an e-mail tomorrow letting you know what he says good or bad.

Still going to ask him to send whatever we can agree to in writing. I want this OFF my report...would love if they would consider re-opening that account...but that may be wishful thinking on my part. I'll just hope the school takes pity on me and some good comes out of that one.

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