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New dispute method?


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I recently heard of a new credit repair technique where all creditors are named in a small claims court lawsuit and asked to appear before your own local small claims court judge. The theory behind this is that when notifying them of the action you letter must include the fact that you are not filing for any monetary judgment at all. When they see this they decide that since no money is at stake then they dont bother. You show up and get the judgment against them and send in the court documents to have your file immediately updated and get your credit cleaned up fast. My question to you pros is is there any truth to this and has anyone heard of it that wouldn’t mind offering more?

1) send a letter to each of the creditors saying that you have tried to correct incorrect information regarding their account

2) The letter should state that you are not seeking monetary damages. Once their legal department sees that there is no money at stake they probably wont respond because there is nothing to be gained. Or, if a dollar amount is required I guess you could say something minimal like $1.

3) File in the small claims court in your area for all creditors to appear at the same time.

4) ASSUMING they don’t show up you win a judgment

5) Mail the judgment letter to the credit bureaus and demand that they update the file and vacate the judgment

Any way this could work?

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