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Wrongfully being sued...I far will they go?

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I am being sued by Midland Management/Midland Funding LLV they

are listed by both names on the suit. The credit card that they

claim is mine is NOT I have never had a cc account with this number or anything listed on my credit report with this account # but on the affidavit they swear that they have all the information on this account. It is way past the SOL but I believe they have tried to reage it.....finding out today they claim a payment was made in 2004 (which is almost past SOL for MS) and they do have my SS # which they seem to act like proves it is mine.

I had a credit card that I settled with as I was no longer able to

keep up payments after becoming disabled. But the credit card they are trying to sue me for is a Business credit card opened in 1993....no way mine....The fact that they say I made a payment must go back to my credit card which was with a completely different company and I didn't open till much later.

Can they still try to sue with all this wrong information.

I have denied it and request Discovery but they act like they

aren't giving up. If they had the original paper at Midland Management then why did they send someone elses ...go figure.

Just need your thoughts,


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