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What are obvious FACTA FLAWS?-- I'm faxing everyone in Congress - I need you help.


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I am faxing every single person in the Congress and Senate.

Since we have Dems in office they need to prove they are as

pro - consumer as they claim to be.

I need your help.

I know of some flaws in the FACTA but what else is there?

For example:

1. Technically a CA can refuse to DV a debt if the 30 days has passed. - that loophole needs to be closed. A consumer should be able to DV any account at least once at any time.

2. If an account goes to collection, the consumer has ( I think) 30 days to contact them before it hits your credit report... even if you are a day late, and you pay in full that negative trade line ( item) remains on your credit reports for 7 Frickin years. I know that ( in some blue states) petty criminals have their criminal record EXPUNGED if they remain clean for 6 months, but even if you are a day late in paying a collection- the collection stays on your record for 7 years. This is abuse.

What other obvious flaws in the system are there?

If you'd like to help me fax every single Congressperson and Senator,

I've found a cheap fax service to do this, 1000 pages for 12.95 a month.

So I can fax them roughly once a month for that 12.95.- much cheaper than mail and more effective then e-mails.


The more faxes they receive from different people the more likely things are going to improve.

Collection Agents have lobbyist and we need to be our own lobby, thousands strong.

I mean, I hear complaints from this blog every single day and they all are about the same few things.

The only way we are going to improve anything is if we collectively take action and

lobby the government ourselves... each and every one of us.

The credit industry spends millions every year so they have the legal right to "bend us over"

and we, by doing nothing

are basically saying, "thanks so much, can you give it to me again!"

I feel like it's high time that we all take some personal responsibility and

do something constructive

and do what we have every right to do and, in fact, we should feel obligated to do as Americans.

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now... :-)

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