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The Credit Secrets Bible? Any good?


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I would like input/feedback from everyone who has knowledge of the product on the web site http://www.credit-secrets-bible.com/

The name Jay Peters - C.P.G. comes up on all of the e-mails I get from this 'company'.

I get lots of teaser info from e-mails that are clearly sent to promote the product and all of the info has been good info that I have read everyplace else on the net. But how good is the full product?



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I have no first hand knowledge of that book, but I read through the "gee whiz wow did you know" stuff on the web site, and I was able to figure out what "secrets" he was talking about based on information available right here.

I'd suggest you spend your time reading here, and save the $79...

(You'll also have the benefit of seeing that there are probably several different answers (all valid under some circumstances) to his questions. One of the problems I've had with "expert" books is that they have to claim everyone else is an idiot in order to justify their opinion).

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I bought the book that promotes this website,

the title is, Good Credit is Sexy,

at www.creditinfocenter.com and that is how I found out about

this web blog.

I also ordered 6 other books on the topic as well.

I found Good Credit is Sexy to be most informative of them all, and it

takes it from a true consumers prospective, where the others seem to

have the credit industries perspective..

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i have the credit secret bible its ok it has some pts a few nice form letters.

but not worth the 68 bucks because a quarter of the info is about pyramiding for them. lmao

Moreover, i have learned some things from there, but not as much as I have learned here.


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