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please help with tu and experian

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How can I dispute this again, when they have verified info as correct...is this a legal entry on my CR?

Palisades Collection

Loan type: factoring company

Remarks: dispute resolved, customer disagrees

Placed for collection: 12/05

Pay status: Collection account

Account Type: open account

Estimated date this will be removed: 8/2008

I sent a copy of a 1/06 letter to Palisades, with copy of return receipt, to CRA's, and a letter requesting removal of this information as I have never rec'd validation/verification, in over a year now. TU and Experian both came back to me with " this is verified, no change"...

How can that be? Can Palisades do post whatever they want without any validation to me, then lie to the credit bureaus? They never settled any dispute with me, they never verified any information about this account or proved to me that I owe it. Additionally, what's up with this dating,,,their inital letter to me said DOLA was 9/01...isn't that supposed to be the date they use not placed for collection on 12/05...is that redating?

CAn you all give me advice about how to get this off my credit report. I know they can't validate or they would have already...but they can sure hurt me by putting this on my credit report. I have seen letter samples on this website but have also read that disputing again will make them return with a

no investigation because "it's frivolous"...what to do?

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Estimated date this will be removed: 8/2008

That is the line that matters for re-aging. The placed for collections in 2005 doesn't mean a whole lot.

The CRA doesn't care if they ever validate the debt with you, it doesn't effect their ability to have it on there. The only thing that validation does is gives you legal leverage if they continue collection activity without validating. If they verify to the CRA when you dispute, that has been said to be continued collection activity. You would then have a cause for suit. On here it is recommended that you have a handful of violations before you pursue legal action. It has also been advised that if you do not get what you are looking for(usually deletion), and you have violations documented, then you should go through with legal action. Some times there is no other way to get a deletion.

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Thanks you...

I was searching the posts for how CA are supposed to list TL's with CRA,

this seems that that is a fresh new posting under collections...my credit score obviously took a dive.

I sent TU a request for method of verification and again, stated they have not verified with me, how can the information be correct.

I could wait til 2008 until it's gone, I have no need for new credit, but it's just not right that Palisades posts whatever they want, inaccurate, unverifiable information, I sent proof of dispute and they can just report back that they settled the dispute with me and the TL stays. Why are others held to a standard of being truthful?

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