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Crap One DV update


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Crap One and I went to court the end of Jan. I am sure they did not expect me to show up and tell the judge that I didn't owe that money, but I did and he reset it for the end of April.

In the mean time, I decided to send them a DV letter, especially since the SOL expired back in June of 2006 and they filed this in Oct of 2006.

They didn't have my new address, until I sent the DV letter. Today, I got the green card back from them, and I also got a letter from them. Not a validation of any kind, but a settlement offer for an amount that is $400 less than what they are suing me for in court.

CR shows they think I owe them $2300, court papers say they are seeking $1100, plus attny fees for a total of $1321. This letter today is saying they will settle with me for $924.85

It goes on to say that payment in full must be paid in full by March 31, 2007 and to call their office immediately to take advantage of this offer...

*as if*

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