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Thought settlement was made


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Recently I received a summons to appear in court, being sued of course. I contacted the attorneys office and asked what the min. amount their client would accept on a 4026.00 debt the assistant told me 4000.00. I then stated to her that I could pay 1000.00 down and 100.00 a month until the debt was paid. She advised she had to check with the client on the arrangement and would get back to me. She called back and advised they would accept those arrangements. I sent 1000.00 just like agreed, and a few days later I received another letter stating that the debt after the 1000.00 is now 5026.00. Of course this appeared to me that the games were beginning, because the letter came from a different assistant from the same firm. Now, today I receive a third letter stating that the debt is 5862.00 and the usual language of garnishments and so forth of course once again someone different. Three different people, three different amounts I owe. When the original agreement was made nothing was said of 5000.00+, the first assistant even told me I did not have to appear because an agreement was made. So now, I'm just not sure what to do other than file an appeal. Any suggestions

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A good thing to know is that Collection Agents aren't normal human beings. They are the people that grew up hand-cuffed to a bed, molested by their father and forced to eat off the floor. Imagine the trauma their entire 'formative' years living like that.... and now they have a grudge, it pay back time and we are the victims. ( Ok , that's not all true... they didn't have to eat off the floor, that part I made up) :-)

Bottom line, Here are some of the rules when dealing with the scum of the earth-- uhhmm I mean CA's

1. DON'T TRUST A WORD THEY SAY- They are worse then cars salesman, politicians, and televangelists combined.

2. ONLY COMMUNICATE WITH THEM VIA MAIL, tell them to cease and desist the phone calls and that you are willing only to talk to them via mail.



Buy the book that publishes this website -- the link is above --

Good Credit is Sexy, that's how I found this site and it's an excellent book.

and you'll learn everything you need to know when dealing with CA's

As far as the summons, hhhmmmm, I hope you documented the phones calls and all your dealings with them. Anyway make notes and all the letter and show up and explain you situation to the judge.

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Recently I received a summons to appear in court, being sued of course. I contacted the attorneys office and asked what the min. amount their client would accept on a 4026.00 debt the assistant told me 4000.00.

When you received the summons to court, did it have figures on it? (example, did it have the original amount, plus court cost and attorney fees that added up to the 4026.00?) If so, (and I am not positive) but I am pretty sure that they can not add more money to what they filed for. I would DEFINITELY show up in court and explain your good will to the judge about the $1000 you sent to bring it down to 3026.00.

If you have a court summons with them filing for $4026 as the total amount, I don't believe they can show up at the hearing and say something like "yeah judge, we found a few more dollars we want to add on to that.

I believe they are screwing around with you because they think you are worried and think they can squeeze more out of you.

GO TO COURT. Show the judge your receipt (cancelled check, money order stub, etc) for the $1000.00 you've paid so far and I believe you will get a ruling of the $4026.00 with consideration to the $1000 and be left responsible for the 3026.

There are others here who might have had a similar situation and could add to this. One thing I can say for certain, and that is the SOL was probably reset when you made that payment (in most states anyway) but if you're willing to pay it anyway, I wouldn't worry about the SOL.

Good luck!


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The other thing you should probably check on immediately is if they went ahead with the court appearance. You didn't mention the dates...but, CAs are notorious for doing that even if they do have an agreement with you. They say its just to "protect our client's interest", but, its also to get another club to beat you up with....

Check with the court that issued the summons...

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