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Is it time for ITS letter for the CA?

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I want to start by saying a big hello to everyone and this is my first time here. So far 10 deletions and I'm able to help my family in the process.

Here's the skinny on these accts. Both are medical accts that appear on all my CR's and I'm working to get these deleted.

The first letter requested a VD along with HIPAA authorization; breakdown of fees; copy of my signature; and cease reporting to all CRA's; Rec'd no response.

The second letter "Admission by Silence", telling them that they had violated several of my rights by failing to validate; continue to report a disputed debt;

They sent me just a printout or a statement of the debt. I also found out by the OC that these are not purchased but assigned debts to the CA. One of the debts is really a copay.

Should I send them an ITS letter? Or do I need to follow up with something else. I'm keeping everything in a file. I thank everyone for their input.

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