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I have also been served with a summons for a lawsuit of credit card debt ($900.). I need to know how to "answer" and what the "notice of presence" is. Do I send this to the courthouse or do I deliver in person? Are there sample letters I can copy so I can reply to the summons. I have 20 days.

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you need to post more info

what state are u in

how much

when was last date u paid on acct...and did not bring it current

have you pulled your 3 cr. reports...if not order hard copies of all three

who is suing you orig. creditor or coll. agency

give more info and others will help

also here is a good site...lots of info...you need to read your rules of civil procedure...thats on the cite im posting...click on your state under rules of civil procedure...that tells you how to answer summons...you need to read, read, read, read and only have a short time to complete this...when its complete you need to deliver it to the court, and send a cmrrr copy to plaintiff in this case... hope this helps

heres the site


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