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Here's one for you...Colonial Alliance Platinum Visa

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Does anyone know anything about Colonial Alliance Platinum Visa?? Now, the benefits of this credit is intended to help individuals access the services they need to better manage their life.

Establish positive credit , no credit needed, no job, no checking acct., YOU'RE PRE-APPROVED, NO CREDIT CHECKS. Credit limits up to $30,000. Immediate $7,500 credit line. This one is costly with their fees, and it also has a monthly membership fee. This will build or improve personal or business credit scores up by 30%.

My rule of thumb is, anything that sounds too good to be true, is simply that!

Any thoughts?


As your life flashes before you, will yourself to LIVE, and FIGHT!!! :evil:


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Read the site. Your "line of credit" is with them (catalog type sales) and PART of your membership benifits is a "stored value visa card" - in other words, a prepaid visa card. That's not a credit builder, that's a debit card. The credit they will be "reporting" will be their own line of credit. The upgraded "platinum visa" would be a secured card. The whole site is using misleading language and there is no real disclosure that I can see. Smells like scam to me.

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