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disregarded a notice of arbitration from wolf

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Todays date - 3/9/07

I live in Chicago, il



CA sent me a letter ( oct, 2006) infroming me that my case was submitted to the aribtration forum (arbitration-forum.com). My father signed for the letter, I didn't. I didn't respond to that letter.

They are suing me for $6000

I have not sent the a VOD letter nor have i spoke with them on the phone. I figured if i would keep quiet they would leave me alone.

Now it's been 4-5 months and no communication from the CA.

What should i do? Should I try to settle with them or wait for the summon to a civil court or try the VOD letter?

What should be my settlement offer?


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Do you mean Wolpoff & Abramson ?

How long ago did you get the arbitration notice ?

Did you get a notice that the arbitration award was granted ?

If this is recent, and it's just an arbitration at this point, then you are not being sued... yet. However, if it's W&A, they will take that Arbitration Award and trot their fat fannies down to the courthouse and have the Award confirmed as an actual judgment against you.

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chances are they will ingore you at this point.. now that someone signed they have proof of service (NEVER SIGN FOR THIS STUFF_) so they go to the NAF people..takes about four or five months..

they grant wolf and friends and arb award and it does not matter what you say think or do.. as REcovering Attorney once said.. they are nothing more then handmaidens for lawyers like this.. you get a letter that an award has been made against you.. for an OUTRAGIOUS amount...

then as lady in red stated. the trot their fat fannys to court to get a judgement , which is where you fight back... .. you can try to settle but once NAF has it they probably wont want to play ball.

Was this paper signed for within the SOL..??

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