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Any idea on the best way to go about this? Upon leaving the military a few years back, I let somethings go. I didnt plan correctly and got myself into a big financial pickle for several years. Now I have a great paying job working off-shore and would like this gone. I have a write-off from Navy federal Credit Union for $3200 and $700.

CSC Amout $3154, Date of Last Activity 7/2005, Last Payment 3/2006

TU Same

EX Same

Problem is they have aged this account 2 years, but I cant prove it. They wouldnt allow me to close a savings account (or atleast I dodnt know any better) and they have been taking the interest off that $3.00 and putting it on those accounts. If I contact them, will I be aging the account any further? Whats the best course of action?


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