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Gateway & HSBC are just too weird

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Here's the story.....I was looking for another positive TL and perhaps a second laptop somewhere down the road.....I apply online for a Gateway account....was not approved instantly so thought no more about it. Then a get a call from a Gateway rep who says that I was approved they just need to verify some information. So while the rep is on the line, they call HSBC and we go through their identity verification process and say: congratulations...you are approved for $2500.00

HSBC hangs up and the Gateway rep says: Ok, let's build your dream laptop...with your credit limit we can get you a nice one.....I say: Not today, perhaps another day. The rep was obviously not happy.

Seven days later, I receive a Gateway card in the mail so thought I would order a small item just to get them reporting. I place the order online using my Gateway Card...total was like $42.00 and get confirmation from gateway that my order is on it's way.

Three days later I get an email from Gateway stating..."We regret to inform you that your order will not be processed as HSBC did not approve you....WTF

So I put it on my to do list to call Gateway and find out what is going on...(haven't gotten around to it yet) and needless to say, the item ordered never arrived.....two weeks pass...

This morning when I pull CR's low and behold all three are reporting a new account from Gateway with the $2500.. credit limit and listed as current with a 0 balance....and being reported by none other than HSBC.

I guess I am puzzeled but happy at the same time....I have another positive TL being reported without spending a dime......he he he

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I agree - avoid a Toshiba laptop. I've had nothing but problems with mine.

I don't agree that it is a bad thing to finance a computer though. I financed a $1200 computer just to get the positive trade line. I'm happy with the computer, and it'll be paid off this week. :D

I think a short term installment loan has a very negligable impact on your FICO.

You'd be better off getting a CC with a low or 0% APR introductory rate just for the purpose of buying the PC. Then pay it off in installments over the course of the intro period. APR will be much better than you get at Dell (something like 22%), and you get an open revolving tradeline to use even after the PC is paid for.

Or go the newegg route like I suggested. They are a great vendor. Not sure how it reports, but it's a line of credit, so I assume it would report like a CC.

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Anyone looking for a PC or laptop can get one through IHateCAs. No credit pull, but I don't extend credit either. =p

Hhehehee, thanks IHateCAs. I will try the newegg route. I dont want to use my cash at once school starts soon so a zero % for a year would be great.

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