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Paying a debt w/CA..what to do..how to do it


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I've tried, I really have tried to sort out all the info. in these forums (very interesting info by the way!)...I'm just not sure STILL on what to do, how to do it and/or if I should even "do" anything at all........

I have a 1,270. debt, originally with Macy's (yep!) now with Omni Credit Services (yep again!) They've sent me the letter with the "30 day" bit. I want to just pay this and be done....(tax time and tax $$$$ to settle with)

1. what do i do first..i am past the dv period by almost three weeks...busy with son's wedding stuff...just forgot! should I still dv to buy time so that I am not served with a summons? supposedly in one of the posts here, 30 days is not a defined time frame?!?

2. Should i send them a letter with an offer with restrictions on them cashing the check????

3. I've read to be careful with Macy's..I DON'T want a summons or the like...that being so, I want to address this NOW and pay.....

4. All the posts say DO NOT CALL CA'S EVER....good thing I read that cuz I was psyching myself up to do just that, cuz time is wasting away....

As you can tell, I've written this post in simplistic wording...hopefully those of you with advice will get what I am asking, which is the "what to do", and "how to do it(s)"!!!


P.S. Would an offer of less be honest? I would LOVE to pay less...I just don't want to "sell my soul" for a few hundred dollars....All you "experts" and "veterans" don't laugh :lol: :lol: at my naivity...:roll: I want to be "right" in my mind and heart AND YET ...I realize that Omni has probably bought this for a lot less than they deserve, right? ;)

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Ok, don't drop your jaw...but I don't know who owns the debt. The letter from Omni says they are a "Collection Agency for Macys" and "has been placed with this office for collection..."

Do I pull my CR to find out?

I think you answered yourself here. Omni says they are a Collection Agency for Macy's then I would presume they own the debt. How old is the debt??

Since you are so willing to pay, them deal with Macy's and see if they will agree to a PFD. This have worked for a a lot of people in this forum, and I am considering it for First Premie. You should never pay a CA anything. It won't help your score. Newsong, go back and search for more information on

CAs, and charge offs. You're going into a battle with not enough armour.


As your life flashes before you, will yourself to LIVE, and FIGHT!!! DH :evil:


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Thanks Diehard for the admonishment...I've been trying to gain as much info in these forum(s)...there's just sooooo much AND if I were to really devote my time investigating, I'd be at the computer ALL DAY.....and I do have other things...not that I WANT to clean my house, cook, do laundry or go to work all those "in the way things"...j/k! You're right though...and I know...but there is only so much time in a day....which is too bad for me..........

One more question though for you or anyone willing....When I go back to Macy's....ask them for the balance....shouldn't I then write them a letter with an offer with stipulations or restrictions to their endorsing the check...(when I send it) I need some leverage to ensure that they take it off my CR..right?...B-4 the final dollar is sent..right?

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Ummm, with all due respect folks, I have dealt with Omni before, and they don't always tell the truth..

Make sure that THEY don't 'own' the alleged debt before you take any actions.

How you respond will depend entirely on who actually 'owns' this alleged debt.

Many times a company will 'buy' a debt they are NOT entitled to collect....

Just be careful!

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Gosh...that's just great! I am SOOOO new at all this...what the heck do I do now? Do I call Macy's? I DO NOT want to call Omni.....I am SOOOO sick of this....my own darn fault, I know.....but it really is TOOO MUCH! I've read in these forums to be careful with Macy's..NOW Omni could be being dishonest ( I know...you're all saying...Well...duh...they're a CA aren't they?)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY just want to pay this off...HOWEVER...it's not that easy right? Even with paying...I will need to "negogiate" to get the cra- off my CR, right?

Can I just communicate with them by Certified Mail?

I know, I'm babbling....with my keyboard and into the forum....sorry...


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Here's a bump for you...I want to know as well. I have to diff. CA's NOT on my report but that have had the debt sold to them. OC is saying they can't deal with me any longer. SO, I'm about to negotiate with the CA for a PFD from the OC. If they can't do that, I'm sitting on my hands until they find a way to do so. If the OC says I have to deal with the CA, then by God the CA will deal with the OC if they want their money.

I love when I called and left a message on this lady's direct line... Mann Bracken Atty. at Law LMAO I left a message saying "FIRST, Ms So and So, I know you aren't an attorney. My OC even said as much. I had to talk to them before I dealt with your company, sorry for the delay...."

Good luck in your quest :)

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