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CC Balance Surfing?

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I just went through a nasty divorce with credit issues being our biggest problem. My whole life I always paid everything off until we got together. I transfered the bulk of her debt to me to release some stress for her. All I ended up doing was giving booze to an alcoholic. Her/Our situation got even worse. Now we are divorced and I have sat down to work out my new budget and try to build a new recovery plan from this mess.

Essentially I am tapped out credit wise. There is nothing more on my reports than a few 10-30 lates all recent. My debt load is equivalent to one year's salary. I am keeping my head above water and praying nothing breaks. After a review of my finances what is keeping me down is my Debt Service costs. I have almost $750 a month in revolving credit card interest to service each and every month before I can even attempt to pay on anything. Refinancing my house is out as an option.

I would like to surf most of these balances to zero or very very low interest credit cards. Are there still any out there and where do I start looking

Thanks in advance.

Just another big dumb guy.

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