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Should I Verify or Validate

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I have recent debts (less than 4 years) of about $800 in total:

DirectTV ($80.00)

Comcast ($140, I paid about $150 last year)

Suntrust Bank ($232) and

Premier Bank credit card ($450).

I made some partial payments on each of these accounts in the past. Now they are in collections. Premier Bank recently sent theirs to collections in my state, and they wrote to me. Suntrust debt is still with them (no collections yet). I am ready to start paying some of these.

Given that I have previously acknowledged the debt (with payment), is there any need to verify or validate them, especially the DirectTV & Comcast accounts.?

I am careful about DV'ng the banks - Premier and Suntrust (in fact, suntrust has my car loan)

Should I just shoot for settlement?

Regards, YY

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DV everything. [i presume you've already pulled your all three CRs.] Whether they respond or not, and whether they validate or not, is another issue.

It's only $5 each to DV (via CMRRR). Odds are better than Vegas. $20 might save you $800. Maybe it only saves you $100. If so, it's money well spent. Worst case, you're only out $20. Skipping Starbucks for a week makes up for it, and I've been skipping Starbucks altogether hereof late.

Check out the Admin's most excellent flowchart.


If all 4 validate, then try a PFD.

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I have a collection account for Comcast myself, $81. I have disputed and this is what is listed on my report now:

TransUnion: Account info disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements.

Experian: Customer disputed account-reported by subscriber.

Equifax: Merchant and consumer disagree on various particulars regarding merchandise, terms of agreement or amount owing.

What does this mean, have they verified the debt w all 3 CRA's?

They have also already sent it to CA.

Date opened: 7/23/04

Date Reported: 5/05/07

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