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Someone please help ?

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I am a single mother of two children. My son became ill requiring me to take a leave of absence from work. I was making only the min credit card payments and unable to see an end to my high balances. In June 2006, I looked for credit card relief by seeking help threw a credit solutions company. Long story short it did not work out. My money was taken; I was left with creditors calling my work and home all day long. I lost many of my zero APR and became $1000.00’s behind in past due payments in a matter of months. I searched the internet for some type of help. I did some research and decided to send out a letters of dispute and cease all communication to my creditors. I received many different responses, which I am starting to think may have only caused bigger problems.

I am lost, feel in over my head, and have no idea on what to do next. I received a call in Feb. at work marked private. When I answered, I was asked for my attorneys contact information. I was refused the companies contact information and the employees name. I informed her she was calling me at work and that a letter of dispute and cease all communication was received by IC Systems in January, and the are in violation of the law. She stated the CASE was just sent to them today 2-14-07 and she had no documentation other than I refuse to pay the debt. I suggested she contact Dell for more information and she should not call me again and that I had nothing further to say. I was then told she would be dispatching the sheriff’s dept to my home to retrieve the items and hung up on me.

I never stated or implied I had an attorney verbally or in writing. Weeks later, I got a letter in the mail and could derive a conclusion on who they were. (A 2nd CA); I promptly mailed another dispute letter. No word back yet….but is reported to CB as Collection when it should be disputed.

Chase sent a letter Feb 1st stating they were not going to comply with my request and were no longer going to communicate with me. It is reported to the CB as Disputed. What should I do now?

My other OC's have not responded to my dispute letters from late Jan 2007. My credit report still reflects late/charges off.

Should I send a letter to my OC requesting the debt be dismissed because of the violation or dispute with the CB?

Sorry to be long winded I am just at the end of my rope any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

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