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Any idea about what could of happened?


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I DV'ed a collection company for an auto repo. They never responded. So I then sent a C&D letter to them about 2 or 3 months later. I never heard back from the collection co. or the original creditor.

Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail that appeared as if I sent a letter to the original creditor that was marked by the post office to "Return to sender, no such address found." Problem is, the letter was addressed to the original creditor and was a request to validate, but I never sent that letter to them. Not only that, it was signed, but not by me!!! Someone else signed it in my name!! Furthermore, the envelope was opened and taped back shut, the handwriting on the envelope was not mine either. The letters I sent to the collection agency were CMRRR and I got the green cards back in the mail, so I know they got them.

I checked to see where the letter came from and it was post marked saying it came from San Antonio, TX, but I DV'ed a CC in PA.

I have no way of tracking where this letter came from or who actually tried to send it. Any ideas?


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