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Need advice about a collection agency


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Hello Everyone :)

I have a medical debt in collection. I havent missed any payments on the bill, but since it is semi-large (7k) the hospital would not accept small payments and turned it to collection. We have made $25 per month payments for the last 4 years, never missing a payment and we get a letter from a law office attempting to collect on the debt. The collection agency is threating a law suit against me and my wife for a debt that we have faithfully paid as we can afford, which they initially (4 years ago) agreed to accept the $25 per month.

Now, my wife called them asking why we recieved this letter, and they were quite mean to her, to the point of having her in tears over 2 supposed missed payments that we can prove we made and they cashed. They threatend us with a law suit and got to the point of yelling at her for no reason. The payments they are talking about were made just at the end of a month, so that it made two payents in one month, one on the 15th and one on the 31st, the payments were made but in both instances they appear in the prior month.

I know we have rights against people like them, but I dont know how to approach these people safely. I want to let them know what they are doing is wrong and they need to quit. I dont want to contact them till I know what to say to them to let them know they are messing with the wrong people. I wont take someone treating my wife like that over nothing. Infact, its over thier own mistake. What can I do to put them in thier place and get the situation resolved once and for all.

Thank you for letting me post and thanks for reading this.

May God bless you all :)


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Who is the CA? They sound like total SCUM Bags! as most are.

Don't talk to them again! Tell your wife not to speak to them either- EVER. Only correspond by mail and save everything.

Do you have your agreement with them stating the $25.00/month is an acceptable payment? You may just need it.

If they do file suit- make sure you answer it and Get all of your records together.

You may need an attorney, if it appears they have violated any agreement you have with them.

There are many on this board who are quite knowledgable on dealing with CAs in court. Hopefully one will jump in here!

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I used to work in medical billing/collections. We used to set up payment plans with patients similar to the one you described. However, if the balance was large we would refer it to our outside collection agency because we only had 8 collections specialist on staff and we had thousands of accounts. Therefore, we could look over these types of on-going accounts.

The difference is (and this may be where your problem comes in) we would inform the outside collection agency that we have already made an agreement with you to pay $25/month and they are not to call you, report

ANYTHING to a credit bureau or make any extra attempts to contact you unless you fall into default. We would also inform the patient that we were going to let the outside collection agency look after this account.

It seems like someone let your account fall through the cracks without adequate communication.

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