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Disputing with OC- Question

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Dear Legal Minds (you are all HEROS)

I'll try to keep this brief and coherent.

Senario: View CR. Find derog, say 3 year old CO. Dispute with CRA as "never late" which, of course, is verified.

Now when I dispute with OC, do I use SAME "never late" strategy or would that play into FACTA part of the rules that OC could use against me(you, whomever) and get bounced as Frivolous? In particular:


(i) IN GENERAL- This paragraph shall not apply if the person receiving a notice of a dispute from a consumer reasonably determines that the dispute is frivolous or irrelevant, including--

(I) by reason of the failure of a consumer to provide sufficient information to investigate the disputed information; or

(II) the submission by a consumer of a dispute that is substantially the same as a dispute previously submitted by or for the consumer, either directly to the person or through a consumer reporting agency under subsection (B), with respect to which the person has already performed the person's duties under this paragraph or subsection (B), as applicable.

SO if the facts are that the account was "Never Late". Does the truth now become Frivolous, Since they(OC) previously "verified" to CRA?

Would you rather now challenge something else on the TL?

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