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Certified recovery services


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I have heard it all today, had a convo w/certified recovery today over a 600 debt i made through the internet for a cash advance. I wanted to pay it today until i asked for a pay for delete. This dizzy rep told me that they cant do it because they were sued by TU. I asked on what grounds she didnt know. These hacks have sunk to a new level. Anyone ever here of a CRA suing a CA.

Plus the rep couldnt even give a dofd or give me an address to the OC

now i need some help on what to do next.

If my thinking is right its time to dv and dispute again.

I cant figure this one out need some other opinions.


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The CRAs make all furnishers agree to report only accurate information. The contract further requires a furnisher to explain any changes to previously reported tradelines.

If a CA was to tell a CRA to delete a tradeline, they will have to tell the CRA why. If the CRA ever finds out the CA lied about the reason, they can sue the CA for breach of the contract.

How a CRA would find out is another matter. Obviously the consumer isn't likely to tell the CRA that a deleted item was removed for the wrong reason. The consumer is just happy that it's off their report.

So a CRA saying that they can't tell the CRA to remove a tradeline is bull-crap. It's more accurate to say they won't. Another tactic is that the CA agrees not to respond to a consumer dispute run through the CRA. If the CA agrees to that, then the CRA must delete anyways. By agreeing not to respond to a dispute, they get around the contract requirement.

Credit reporting is totally voluntary. There is no law that says anyone must furnish data to a CRA.

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