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Hi Everyone,

I am glad I found this site and I think you will all be helpful in my quest.

Back in college I ran up my card and never paid for it. So I have a judgement in GA by Capital One that was entered in 2001. I never showed to court because I didnt know any better so they won by default. This is scheduled to get off my report in AUG '08, but I cannot wait that long because I want to purchase a home this fall.

1) What reasons can I give to vacate court for this judgement?

2) If I do not successfully vacate this judgement does it start the 7 year cycle?

3) I have searched for the SOL to vacate judgement in Georgia but cannot find the information.

4) Should I request a DV from the creditor?

I would really appreciate advise from all you wonderful knowledgable members.


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