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*Newbie* ? about DV

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Pardon the naivete, but I am new to repairing this debt mess I have gotten into. We are refinancing our mortgage to settle many debts, most with CAs. Why is DV important and why should I bother with it before I begin with the settlements? Thanks!

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Welcome...and good luck with your mortgage.

As to why DV is important....here's the thing.

My name is Mad Dog; I know you had a credit card with somebody that you didn't pay on. I'm collecting. Send me $4,356.97 today, or I'll have you put in jail.

Are you going to mail the check?

Of course not.

Would it make you feel any better if I said my name is Chatsworth Obsorne III, and I work for "Collection Company of America" and I have a law degree?

If you do indeed have some unpaid bills on your CRs, call the OC and see what you can work out.

If you have any CAs on your CRs, use the DV process to make them prove they have a right to be there (do they have the right person, the right account, the right amount, and the right to collect in your state?) Do not even think about paying a CA...the only way they can help you get a decent mortgage is if they leave your CRs completely.

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