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OC dispute question...again, sorry


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Last post was another example of my ability to craft the wordy and vague question. I'm thinking of calling it the "Lunesta" approach to credit repair. Sorry if anyone fell asleep reading it. Hope no one "came to" face down on their keyboard in a pool of drool, with qwerty branded on their forehead. Oops, sorry doing it again.

When I dispute a TL with the CRA and it drops..ya stops. If it stays ya plays.

Now when you contact OC do you need to CHANGE the item(s) you disputed to the CRA?

This is for a non-collection TL. Things like lates and CO's that never went to collection

The reason I ask, is that it seems if you use the same dispute, We provide reason for OC to kick it back as frivolous under FACTA since OC claims to have verified to CRA when CRA investigated initially.

Am I missing something? Wait, definitely don't answer that one.

Side Point: I have had alot more success beating up on the CAs. The OC's are tough. I mean it's easier to get a collection to drop than a 30 day late that is years old ( in my meager, limited experience).

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Yes, you do have a way with words... xheadscratchx

if I'm understanding you correctly, and I may not be...

If you are disputing a TL with the CRA that has already been verified- then yes, absolutely change your "reason" for dispute.

If you are contacting the OC if reference to something listed incorrectly- no need to change it, tell them what you know is incorrect

and yes, OCs are "tuff" in my experience as well- they tend to have their records more in order

If I didn't answer you- why not go for round 3? ::NahNah::

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