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Good place to get daily pulls?

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I am sure this is somewhere in the forum but most everything I have found is a couple years old. I need to get daily track of my CR and am having difficulty finding a place that allows a daily pull with a new report each day. I signed up fro PG and then found out they went to once a month--I then tried Experian but can't figure out how to get a new report. Who is a reliable site that will let me keep up to date on how my credit is shaping up?


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Lotta folks in here use TU's TrueCredit. I'm on their 30 day free trial right now, so I get TU there. Also on MyFico.com ScoreWatch 30 day free trial, so I get EQ there. And I'm still able to access and dispute with EX via annualcreditreport.com

When my trials run out, I'll probably cancel ScoreWatch and just go with TrueCredit for all 3 CRAs. $14.95 a month, I think.

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If you go through Wal-Mart financial TC monitoring is eleven bucks and change. Learned it right here, folks!

Hopen4800, Thanks for sharing this information.

Why should we pay the thugs; EQ, EX, or TU for such service. The CRAs often assist the Furnishers of Information in screwing up our CRs and we pay the thugs to monitor our CRs (the same information they screwed up) !!! That's crazy!

I had once tried a "30-Day Free Trial" offer and cancelled the 28th day. ;) I refuse to pay the thugs my money each and every month. But... I will consider going with Wal-Mart Financial TC Monitoring service.

Thank you.

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