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Tax Liens and Releases


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I have a question on tax liens and the tax lien release. When a tax lien has been paid and released it is usually reported in the body of the tax lien description. However, there is one tax lien that has been paid, but now its release is showing as a separate public record. Now, instead of one public record, it shows 2 public records because the release is counted as a separate public record. Is this right? This is the first time I have seen this happen. Any thoughts?

Should I dispute this release?

Has anyone ever seen a letter from the IRS stating that a federal tax lien be withdrawn? Would having such a withdraw letter from the IRS be enough to remove the listed federal tax lien from the credit report?

Thanks for any help in clearing this up.

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My experience -limited- is that the "release" is, of course, a good thing. It is also part of the public record, a bad thing. The release is the legal instrument that frees you from the lien. I disputed both the releases and the liens with the CRA's with about a 50 percent drop-off rate, over two years (bummer). I am told though, that they could reappear at any time since these are easy to verify if our court clerks bother to check. Ive learned here that alot of this work is done by sub-contractors for state or Fed and the actual performance varies tremendously from location to location.

With a team of cpa's and litigators people have gotten liens vacated.

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Hi Loren

Every other month, I work with borrowers with liens showing up on their credit and title paper work. Each situation is different- if your paper work is in order, your credit report can be cleaned up easily in a timely fashion.

When a tax lien has been paid and released, you should receive a satisfaction notice or a letter of discharge.

Different states - there can be different filing systems in place. When a document gets recorded in county records, it is assigned a number when and where it gets recorded. In your case, the 2nd number should reference the 1st document number.

A letter from IRS stating that a federal tax lien be withdrawn?

I tell you to IRS is really tuff dealing with. People with big issues, I recommend contacting a Taxpayer Advocate in your zip code. This is a free service provided by the government, that works for you when dealing with the IRS.

Further - the link below is to IRS website that discusses liens.


Lastly, regarding getting your credit cleaned up. Get your credit report. You can get a free report . I recomend going to www.transunion.com and purchasing your credit report. It's a few bucks, but it is worth it. If you get a free copy, it will not be as detailed. That way if you discover any mistakes, you can dispute your problems yourself.

Out of all the credit bureaus, Transunion I use regularly to dispute and clean up my borrowers credit reports. I do this service for free, that way I qualify them for betters loans.

Good Luck............:)

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