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Debt validation options?

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I made a post about a week ago. I explained that I used a Diners Club card that was opened and owned by my employer, The card had my name on it. That was back in 2004

My job was terminated several months later. Soon after my termination Diners Club began collection against me claiming that I was responsible for a small remainder of the original balance of the Debt.(about $150.00) I disputed the collection and contacted both Diners Club and my previous employer. All collection attempts from Diners Club stopped.

I now have this old Diners Club displayed on my credit reports (all three) as a charge off. It was not there before I began disputing items in January of this year but is on my reports now.

Clearly, my previous employer did not take care of this matter, but I find it unusual that the issue has suddenly appeared on my credit reports even though I have not had a collection letter or phone call in about three years.

I sent immediate dispute letters to the CRA's reporting the Diners Club account as invalid, but I am not certain how that first attempt will turn out.

My top question(s) right now are:

If my dispute is denied, how should I proceed?

Should I file a re-investigation and wait?

Is there a letter I can send directly to Diners Club asking them to prove that the account actually belongs to my previous employer?

Should I wait and see if a Collection Company contacts me on behalf of Diners Club and then file a letter of Debt Validation with them?

Are there any options I have that I did not ask about above?




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Something like this might best be handled by picking up the phone. Letter writing campaigns can often turn adversarial depending upon how your letters are interpreted by the reader. You might have better luck explaining your situation to DC directly.

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I agree with that logic, but I want documentation that I can carry with me. I am already prepared to go as legal as necessary with this issue. This issue is only a couple of weeks old on my CR but the Diners Club report, as it appears on my CR's, is not even listed accurately.

If they continue the way they are, I am going to want them to realize that I will take this matter into a court room. The unpaid debt on this issue is only about 153.00. The debt is from 2004. I think they listed this issue on my CR to find out how I would deal with it. All of the individual monthly items are listed as 30 days past due, nothing goes into 60, 90, or 120 days past due. Also, they are only listing 9 months of past due items, not two or three years worth. I know that they have not received any payments on this account since 2004.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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Did you sign any application for the card when you got it? If the answer is no, then you are not liable for any portion of it and your former employer may have committed identity theft by giving the lender your personal information (including SSN) to open the account.

If you did fill out an applicaiton for the card, you probably personally guaranteed the charges. In that case, you are stuck...

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