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"Bill Me Later" from Chase Bank USA

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Hi everybody, recently I was approved and used "Bill me Later" on a purchase for a hotel (on hotels.com), which is through Chase Bank USA. My balance was basically $109 and I made my first payment today of $50 online with the first payment not being due to 3/19/07. Now the problem I have with this credit loan w/o using a credit card basically is when I went to try and purchase airline tickets for the total of $548 I tried to use my bill me later account and I wasn't able to get them.

When I contacted them, the representative told me that the amount of any transaction to be allowed is based off of my credit report by Equifax and my purchase history with "Bill me Later". I just checked my credit report and I have good credit and everything is current. So when I asked the representative what limit they had on me, she mentioned that she didn't know and that there was no way to determine this. This is hogwash to me because how can you know if you are able to buy with this method if you don't know your limit?

I always thought that when credit is extended to someone from a creditor that THE LIMIT OF WHAT THEY CAN USE MUST BE STATED. Is this true in this instance with "Bill me later"? CAn someone please comment. For more info see here:




Please help.

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Nope, it's not required, especially where there is no pre-set limit (e.g. Amex One, Visa Signature cards, etc.).

I think I'm gonna file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this. I don't think this is right to have a company approve or disapprove transactions without at least some leeway as to what they do to determine whether it is to much or to small. You could have A1 credit and still get rejected by minor purchases for $300

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