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what is the easiest amex card to get

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probably a stupid question but i am going to throw it out there anyhow.

Which is the easiest amex card to get. Does your report have to be perfectly clean to receive.

Do you have to meet a certain income criteria.

I have seen that a lot of people on here are big fans of the amex cards and I figured as soon as my scores were in line and my last few baddies fell off of my report that I would apply.

If anyone has advice I'd appreciate it.

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They pulled experian on mine , i was approved today for a AMEX delta skymiles. with a fico in the mid-high 600's and no collection accounts. but there are some late pays newest about a year old.however i also have a mortgage with payment history. i hear that amex loves to see home ownership.

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Amex Skymiles is by far the easiest one to get. You do not need to have a perfectly clean CR and you don't need a certain income. Amex is great and very generous. So when you get yours make sure to join us on I Love Amex!!!

Yup, I would have to agree.

Here's another thread that answers the OP's question:


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