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TrueCredit Question: New Creditor or Inquiry

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I placed this in the Obtaining Credit as well but thought I'd give it a shot here too. Has anybody ever had an inquiry placed in their "creditor contact" section on TrueCredit?

The reason I ask is that last week I applied for Citi Premier Pass card. I didn't get a declination but a few days later when I updated TrueCredit, it was listed down in the creditor contact but not yet added as an account. Last night I applied for Mervyns and Walmart and now they are on my creditor contacts as well. However, today (before I saw report) I called Mervyns and asked status of application and he told me it was declined.

I am hoping that because they are placed in creditor contact, that I was actually approved. In the entire time I have had truecredit, I have never had inquiry placed in creditor section, only those that I have accounts with.

Any input would be appreciated.

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When I had an unauthorized INQ placed (ID theft attempt), the creditor had immediately listed under the creditor's list. I used that info to call them. They had not approved the app. (I had a fraud alert and they failed to call me!!!!!) and they canceled the app with my information that it was fraudulent.

So to answer your question, no, it does not mean you have been approved.

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