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Clearing a Judgment

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In May 0f 2003 I had a judgment recorded against me for $2,400

The Judgment is in (my name) Iindividually and D/B/A, (-----) a business that I never started or licenced.

I purchased a study from a research company.

The price on the invoice was not the price on line so I sent the study back.

They claimed that it was to late, I opend the study and I have to pay.

I missed my court date to defend myself (I was young and dumb) and now I would like to clear this thing off my credit ASAP.

The company web is still up but the phone numbers dont work. (they may have gone under)

My questions are:

I have the company's attorney name and #. Do I call them to settle. Can I negotiate at this point?

If I could settle how quickly can I get this off my credit.

If the company went out of business where do I stand?

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