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What's my next step?

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Trans union is currently reporting a 30 day late from 2005 on a car loan I had. The problem is I never paid the account late. I disputed with TU and they changed the late from May 05 to Sept 05. Once I saw that I contacted the company (VW) immediately to find out what was going on. The girl who helped me was very nice and said that she has no idea where they were getting there info from as I was never late on my account. She then faxed to me a letter stating my account history and that I never paid my account late. She also sent me and the 3 CRA in the mail the same exact letter so we would all have it on company letterhead.

So after I got the fax I called TU and asked them how they came up with the late as of Sept 05 they claim the information came from VW. I told them that was impossible as VW has no history of me being late and explained that I could fax to them a copy of what I just received from VW. So I did. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail stating that they could not use what I had faxed to them. Then they preceded to open up another investigation on this issue. My problem is how can they not use what I faxed them? and further more Shouldn't they have received in the mail by now the letter VW sent out (I got mine 2 weeks ago via usps) surely the letter coming from VW would be sufficent enough to remove the late.

I'm in the process of trying to buy a house and do not appreciate this showing up on my CR.

What should I do next? Sue?

Any and all help would be appreciated.


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Noticed noone one else was stepping up so I thought I might try to help. I am not even close to a lawyer but it sounds like you need to remind them of the laws under FCRA with a certified letter or have you done that? Remind them that willful non-compliance is illegal and you will take legal action unless the information is reported properly. If after you send the CMRRR and don't get the information corrected then I would consult a lawyer and consider suit. Faxing won't get it though. If you need it done quicker, FEDEX it to them. Pricier but quicker. BTW, I would add a copy of your letter from VW as proof to get them on the ball. Good luck.

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