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Let me start by introducing myslef. My name is Adam Gaspard. I am 27 and my wife's name is Brandie and she is 26. We have a very active two year old who is way too smart. She is so smart it scares us. HONESTLY! My family and I relocated last january to Houston, Texas from Louisiana because of Hurrican Rita. Not only did she destroy our dreams of building a home but she also took my wife's credit with her. Because of the chaos, as everyone saw on television, the mail system was out of commission! We had not received our mail for months. We had no clue where it was going. Some things would show up some things wouldn't. We had no contact information with our creditors because that was all washed away with the massive wall of water that submerged our little city. Im pretty sure you can see where Im going with this. Right before the hurricane her score was about a 650. We had received a call on August 9, 2005 that we were apporved for a 125,000 building loan. Our dreams were coming true. that day was my deceased grandmother's 90th birthday and also my daughters first birthday, who was actually conceived on the one year anniversary of my grandmother's death. Divine Intervention much! well, needless to say that emotional experience was short lived. We relocated here and luckly my wife was able to transfer her job. So we didnt have to totally rely on the state of texas. Whom I thank every day of my life for what they have done for us! We are forever indebted to TEXAS!!! Back to the credit problems. We have been here one year and three months. We are not apartment people and our two year old is miserable. She is used of being in the country whth land for days to play on. Last week we found the home of our dreams! and it was cheep! We went through the realitor and to our shock Brandie's score was 457!!! Our hearts fell. we were in disbelief. We had no idea what to do. We had heard of these "Credit Dr's" but were sckeptacle. And by the grace of god I stumbled across this site. Dont know how. I started reading and started noticing that not only was it giving me info on what to do but it was telling me exactly how, and it was FREE!!! well, with the ocassional plug here and their for their books, which I will buy! So now I am ready to fix my wife's score so we can get settled into our new home and have another baby! Because she promised me another kid if we were financially ok and in a home. So I have no time to lose!!! I gotta get to it! Can anyone tell me, while I research the site, where I start, what forms and procedures to us, what to look for in the report to dispute...ect! Thank you all for listening and congrats to all who did it and got their credit cleared....and to those who are on their way! Hopefully my wife and I will be their very soon.


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