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Gotta Doozie about Midland Credit (addiditon to wage garnishment post earlier)


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I asked my wife about the wage garnishment issue tonight (from back in Oct 06 and the OC (Spiegal) is still reporting a balance as of March 12) and found out that the only thing she received was a notice from her company stating she had her wages garnished (after the fact) and a supposed "release of garnishment" from the District Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas. She was not properly served and signed for no certified mail summons. I decided to look on Kansas Secretary of State Business Entity Search for their license and Kramer and Frank, P.C. forfeited their license on 07/15/1991! The same collection agency that supposedly brought the suit to garnish her wages! I may be way off base but isn't this HIGHLY illegal to collect in a state your not licensed in? I am so pissed right now I could...never mind. Anyway, anyone with any advice on how to proceed would be great right now. I don't know if I should file a complaint with FTC, BBB, CPA, etc. or talk with a lawyer or what. Please help. Posted info from KS Sec of State

Kansas Secretary of State

Business Entity Search

Date: 03/15/2007

Business Information

Current Entity Name Business Entity ID Number

KRAMER & FRANK, P.C. 7416860

Current Mailing Address: 9666 OLIVE BLVD., ST LOUIS, MO 63132

Business Entity Type: FOREIGN FOR PROFIT


Date of Formation in Kansas: 06/27/1990

State of Organization: MO

Resident Agent and Registered Office

Resident Agent: CHARLES BALL

Registered Office: TWO GATEWAY CENTER STE 800 , KANSAS CITY, KS 66101

Annual Reports

The following annual report information is valid for active and delinquent status entities only.

Tax Closing Month: 12

The Last Annual Report on File: 00/0000

Next Annual Report Due: 04/15/1991

Forfeiture Date: 07/15/1991


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OK what this means is that this company is not authorized to conduct ANY business in MO.

I'm sure that the other legal people will correct me, but when a co. lets their registration lapse, then they lose the right to conduct business and especially to defend themselves in MO if a lawsuit is brought.

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