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1. Ok i have paid my charge off off and have a letter the company saying that my account was returned as settled but on my cr it show charge off but at the bottom in the note section it shows settled ,

2. I have some account that are paid off but show late payments would it be a waste of time if i call credit card company or my car loan company will they take away the late payments

3 I have a 2 accounts that are in good standing on my CR but it belongs to my dad I have ask the Credit card and CRA to remove them but they wont could i sue under the fair credit act

my fico score is 599 with equifax but when i did three CRA report it is a 633 how can this be that different

transunion is 601 and experian is 603

which one does most creditors use


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I can offer a little advice.. I had some simular situations and this is what I did.

My charge off's were paid a year or longer when I pulled my credit reports this time in February 2007. I disputed them with the CRA's and they were completely removed. Thats the best result you can get with a charge off. You can try writing to the CA but they are already paid so they can care less they will likely just ignore you. I say Dispute them with the CRA's first and see what happens alot of times if the CA already collected their money they will not verify the account with the CRA's this has been the case with me everytime so far.

The accounts that I had with lates that were paid. I disputed with the CRA's be careful when doing this because one of my accounts was wiped off completely the other account ended up showing no account history just showing as paid as agreed. Dispute with the CRA's and see what happens. If they come back as verified and you are unhappy with the result then write the OC a dispute letter reguarding the lates. But alot of times if they have collected their money they are not worried about getting back to the CRA's. This is not always the case but it has been the case with me so far maybe Im just lucky.

And for the accounts that are in good standing but are not yours. If they are in good standing why would you want to remove them?? They are not hurting you, let them be if anything they are helping you.

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