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Getting sued


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Hi all


I am getting sued by capital accqusitons for a providian acct. it is within the sol of my state of PA. The orig. debt was 950.00 but they suing for 2100. I called a lawyer and said that I should negoitiate. They don't want to. I want to do a discovery on the JDB to find out the amount that they paid for the debt. The lawyer said that since it is magisterial court there is no discovery. Now I want to do a discovery on the JDB that sold them the debt to find out what did they pay for it. Send the JDB suing me letters to settle the debt, certified mail return recipt. When they refuse, take the settlement offers to the judge to get a settlement. They paid pennies on the dollar for the debt. Why should they make such a huge profit. Will this work???

Someone please help me!!!!!


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Have they actually served you with a summons and complaint?

Did you ever DV with the CA?

When is your court date?

If they refused CMRRR, did you keep the letter without opening it, and resend a new letter by Fedex.

Have you read the "Being Sued" stickys?


Did you find the lawyer on NACA? If not, then contact one there. Ask them what you can do, if anything, to force 'em to negotiate.


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