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Thought I saw a public spanking by the moderator recently on MyFico that seemed to discourage DV as a legit action. Talk of lawsuits is discouraged as somehow unethical. Truly sad and pathetic that such collector oriented info is what's made available to MyFico readers.


This is based on the same concept of us paying 15.95 for FICO scores, because it's ethical to do so.

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All I have learned it this forum is how to shirk my debt. Nothing more!

Shirking debt is not the purpose of this board. The purpose of CIC is to inform. The moderators and Admin of CIC never tell anyone to shirk a legitimate debt as that would adversely impact the credit score (BK of course is a different situation). If you missed that everything here is to help people RAISE their credit scores you need to spend a little more time and read more!

Good Luck!


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