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Authorized User Questions

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1. Have any of you become an Authorized user for Amex? If so, did they report to all 3?

Many pple here have. Some have even been added to their parents' AMEX accounts from the 80s. A search would benefit you better and will give you wayyy more shared experiences than this 1 thread can give you.

2. If a credit card does report on an AU's credit reports, and they post (like I've heard BofA does) "Authorized User" on your credit report, does that still improve your credit?

Score-wise, yes...it improves your credit, which may also open the door for you to obtain cards in your own name. However, upon manual review (depending on the lender), if the only revolving credit you have is thanks to being an AU, then you could be rejected for having no to limited credit history. To obtain the most benefits from being an AU, you should be added to a well-seasoned TL w/ good - excellent payment history. Once that improves your credit profile, then you should apply for credit in your own name. Use the new credit wisely, keeping your utilization NO higher than 30% and paying MORE than the minimum payment monthly...and [needless to say] ON TIME.

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