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Another 'When does this fall off?' question


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I know the DOFD starts with the 'delinquency that immediately preceded' the charge off, but how does this work for the OC?

Here is the account info:

Date opened: 6/98

Date of status:4/01

Reported since: 11/99

Last reported: 4/01

Creditors statement: transfered to another lender

Account history: 60 days as of Mar 2001, Feb 2001, Dec 2000, Nov 2000, Oct 2000. 30 days as of Jun 2000 to Sep 2000

My thought is the DOFD was Jun 2000, since that's the last time the account was current before being sold (so this should be gone this year :)). However, EX is telling me it can remain a while longer (DOLA maybe? who knows with them).

Any ideas? Thanks. I think for the OC is DOLA since this account was transferred and not a CO.


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Looks to me as it if went 30 days delinquent in June 2000, and that would be the beginning of the reporting period as long as the account was never again brought current. DOLA is NOT the start of the reporting period. That TL should drop off the end of this year.

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