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help-report doesn't say "Consumer Disputes...

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...This Account Information."

This is an OC, and I have disputed twice with EQ in the past 6 months.

Once in writing last year, and the second time was 2 weeks ago, online.

1) I didnt open this account up

2) the dola and dolp make no sense.

3) this has to do with a robbery id theft that happened to me 4 years ago. I am still dealing with the repercussions. thankfully I have a police report

OC verified both times, and EQ sent me the letter telling me so.

But shouldn't they(OC and EQ) be reporting that I dispute this account? at least until I can get them the police report and affidavit?

Is this a FCRA 623 violation?

Thanks for reading this.

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Thanks for you response.

I didn't send the police report yet. It took some time to locate and get a copy, but I have it now.

I just thought that the OC had to report as "in dispute," since I did dispute.

I guess I am confused by your post a little. Did you actually dispute the TL with the OC or only through the CRA? If you didn't actually send the OC a dispute, then I don't think they are under any obligation to note the account as "in dispute" until such time as they receive a dispute directly from you.

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I disputed with the CRA, not with the OC specifically.

When I dispute the CRA, It's my understanding that they send a message to the OC regarding the dispute, and then the OC verifies, or does nothing.

If the OC or CRA are supposed to be reporting it as in dispute and they are not, I want to know. Who is in the wrong here? the furnisher, right?

This should all be fixed once I send the Police report to the OC, but I am just asking this as a matter of law.

Thanks again for the posts

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