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Doctors & Medical Bills This Will Make You Sick!!!


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Hmm... We all work right so what happens if we don't go to work we don't get paid! So why is it that if were late at a doctors appointment or don't show up we still get charged yet when we do see the doctor and get no answers and no help we are still required to pay the bill.

I recently had to file a malpractice case. I went in for a hernia surgery and the docotr put a mesh plug in. The plug shrunk cut all my nerves and tissue. I went back to the doctor who said your healing find dont come back. I was having so much pain and an hard like egg was protruding through my skin. She just dismisssed it. I went to the hospital because I started bleeding really bad. The er doctor suggested I had my period. What an JERK. It came out that it was internal bleeding. I had to have a 2nd surgery removing the mesh plug and they had to cut my nerves in my groin and leg. Im still having problems. It left a hugh indent in my skin. Something is wrong. Every doctor I go to looks at me and says thanks for comming in can't help you. They expect me to pay the bill for 2 minutes of there time. HA HA. I found out the mesh plug they put in my was NOT FDA approved and no one has caught on to it. Although they will my lawyer is in total shock of what I have uncovered. It will come out in time in the news. Now Im looking at tons of medical bills. I have decided if I go see a doctor and get the treatment that is deserve Im not paying the bill. I wrote the hospital and explained that I had enternal bleeding and I was told I had my period. I told them to eat the bill or sue me. If I doctor says I don't know what to tell you. If they can't find the problem then you can't find the money to pay them!

*** This is going to make you all sick! Did you know that doctors are self regulated? What this means is if a doctor hurts or kills another someone they can just pick up and move to another state with no recourse! They moved to another state and there displinary actions don't follow unless the doctor reports it! The move to another state and get a new license. Funny how if we don't pay our bills it follows us no matter where we go but doctors can do whatever they like! So they say you have to have a surgery so you go to you local health board to look up there record no displinary actions against them All Good Right? Wrong that only means for that state but what other states did they practice in?

*** Did you know your not entitled if a doctor settled or paid out on a claim on there conduct. The doctor doesn't have to disclose it to you?

***The surgery I had was very minimal (hernia) I found out even though the part they put in me wasn't FDA approved neither the doctor nor was the hospital under the law are required to make sure it's approved before using it on people. Nor are they required to keep a copy of the approval of anything that they use on you.

Im tired of doctors, hospitals & the goverment screaming about malpractice lawsuits and putting caps on what the victims can recover when they take no action on preventing it. They are at fault not us yet were are the victims time and time again. Not only being in pain, slammed with medical bills, but also putting a cap on what we can recover.

If you go to the doctors or hospital and get crapy service fight them not to pay the bill. I have done it and I have won. It's easier to grease a sqeaky wheel and to keep it quite then to let everyone else here the sqeak!

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Sorry to hear that you are in pain and had a very bad experience with a doctor. I hope it works out for you.

I have had both good and bad experiences with physicians. You will find that every profession has insentive jackasses. However, try not to condemn the entire profession.

I hope your medical issues are resolved soon.


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